I don't know if you have had the opportunity to be in a place where anywhere you look, a sense of enchantment takes care of you, over and over again.

My first time in St Barths was when I was 18 and it was love at first sight! 

The place is extraordinarily stunning, but at the same time cozy, as if it was the perfect place for every Summer holiday. This island is so charismatic that it makes you feel so close to it within 30 minutes of your arrival. There, you feel at home!

Each wild beach has a special magic to it and every narrow alley is surrounded by mother nature. You become gradually seduced through the positive and joyful energy that the island has! Everything looks better there. Even the " danger " of driving around the island, given that the streets are very narrow. It's fun! All who are there, either visiting or definitively, are at peace and connected with nature ...

The other day, we were driving by when we saw from far one turtle trying to cross the street. We stopped and grabbed it, not before we take a photo of course, which is registered in my instagram! :mrgreen:
There, everyone does the same thing, be them residents or visitors. It seems silly, but with our busy lives and the stresses of the big city, we are unfortunately used to spotting a ran over animal on the road.
On the island, integration with nature is so strong that everyone enters the atmosphere, even the least sensitive.
Maybe it's because of its exuberance, leaving all who have the privilege of bring there dazed, the primary reason for the state of utter happiness that makes us all better people.
It is a beautiful experience to know a place that arouses so much individual and collective positivity.

St Barths, je t'aime !
: - D Now for the TIPS:


St Barth's restaurants

L'Isola: Best place for dinner. Italian food. Best food on the island!!

L'isoletta: Good pizza! Open all day and super chill! It has the same owner and management  as of L'isola.

Eden Rock Famous Hotel: The best lunch! Amazing food and view/atmosphere.

Nikki Beach: Fun, fun fun! If you have lunch there, go for the sushi. 

Le Ti St Barths: Dinner + fun!

Bagatelle: The service is not so great during the high season. If you want to have dinner there, arrive early. That being said, it will be amazing fun.

Black Ginger: A new Asian food restaurant with amazing reviews. When I went the service was very bad, although the manager Patrick is a really nice guy. The employees' uniform is quite funky as well!

Bonito: Good food + nice atmosphere. Amazing view!

Baz Bar For Sushi:  Best sushi in town... Real good stuff!


Eden Rock: A beautiful little beach with nice service. Make sure to have an amazing lunch there afterwards.

Nikki Beach: Fun, fun, fun. 

Governor Beach: My favorite of all times. The island's must! Since it doesn't have facilities like the others, be prepared to take what you shall need with you: towels, water...

Saline beach: Another wild one! Also very beautiful, although I prefer Governor beach... But you shouldn't miss it.

These wild beaches are fun in the sense that people feel very comfortable, if you know what I mean! :)

Night life:

Besides the lively restaurants such as Bagatelle and Le ti, you also have night clubs: Yatch club and First: Can be fun... If you are into the night side of life.


In the city, you will find what is best out there...or should I say expensive? Think LV and Hermes. There are also some cool storesm such as Eres (I love Eres!) and 100% Capri, which is very good for linen garments. By the beach, you can find same nice multi-brand stores, such as Terra and Lili Belle, which sells lots of goodies from our much adored Madame Isabel (Marant).

I do advice to take couple of hours to take a walk on the wild side of your shopping fever as there are some cool little funky stores at which you can always find something to fall in love with...