The Clinique La Prairie Spa was founded in 1930 in the city of Montreux, Switzerland. One of the biggest centers of preventive medicine and wellness in the world, the place has just reopened after a 12-month closure, and has won the title of Spa of the Year in Western Europe, awarded by the prestigious ''World Spa & Wellness Awards 2014''.

In addition to its medical and aesthetic treatments, which include anti-aging treatments, services to improve sleep and the effects of the menopause, and even anti-cancer products, the spa draws on traditional healing philosophies used around the world, as well as modern scientific innovations.

Now, La Prairie has just opened a cafe by Lake Léman. On the menu, you will find only healthy options, free from animal fat, as well as a huge selection of juices and smoothies to suit all types of guests.

Without a doubt, the La Prairie Spa is the type of place that will leave you feeling refreshed.