Imagine an app that can source the origin of any garment, old or new, or alternatively, offer suggestions for similar clothes?

Dear reader, this app exists, and it’s called ASAP54. Created by the Brazilian Daniela Cecilio, the ASAP54 is not limited to finding pieces of clothing. You can submit a work of art, a song, or anything that inspires you, and you will receive several suggestions of purchasable products.

Launched just a month ago, the app has passed through the lists of ''Best of the Week” in over 135 countries.

The ASAP54 works as an Instagram, with photos in that small square format. You create a profile and you can follow people with similar tastes. Just upload the relevant photo, and voilà, a suggestion of clothes and accessories pops up. If the items are not your type, you can enlist the help of a personal stylist.

Like the sound of it? Run to the Apple Store!