In a Gothic-Victorian building in a luxurious part of London, you will find the Chiltern Firehouse – the latest offering from hotelier André Balazs, who also owns the Chateau Marmont in Hollywood and The Mercer and The Standard in NYC. The orange-bricked building which was originally a fire station (hence the name), is home to a new and already hip hotel and restaurant. Guests can enjoy 26 suites with indoor gardens and terraces overlooking the street. The opening of the hotel will be on the 30th of this month. No images have been released yet. 

The restaurant is already up and running, led by the Portuguese chef Nuno Mendes, convinced by André to drop his Michelin-starred Viajante restaurant in favour of this one. To indulge in the delights of Nuno’s cooking, I would recommend booking in advance – possibly several months. Enjoy slow-cooked meat or raw vegetables sliced in the most creative ways and combined with “every day” grills such as octopus, prime rib or chicken. The place has only just opened and already it’s a hotspot for hipsters and fashionistas.

I’m dying to go to the Chiltern Firehouse, and I’ll report back to you when it happens!