The fashion marathon continues. After Milan comes Paris - the city of light. Although many already know this city, Paris still holds secrets only revealed to those who venture into its streets.

When I go to Paris, I love staying at the Hotel Costes, a darling of the fashion, film and arts people. The decor follows a noir line of good taste. The bar is always happening, and the music is so good that the hotel often launches their own CDs. It's worth stopping by for a drink !

When we're traveling, it's nice to escape the touristy places, even if only to feel more integrated into the city. The Derriere restaurant is just one of these spots, frequented only by the locals. The unconventional decor is a mixture of several styles, like a home of a crazy family, let's say. Ask for the dish of the day, I guarantee you it will be delicious.

To find where the hype is at, Colette is the right place to go to. The multi-brand store has everything: Givenchy, Kenzo and Alexander Wang blend with beginners in the industry, but due to the store's refined taste, they will not go unnoticed. You'll go mad with the section of goodies like keychains, pens, iPhone covers, and many other things which you do not need but they are too beautiful to resist. In the basement, the Water Bar restaurant is a great choice for a quick lunch.