"At the Emperor's Table" is the latest book by Valentino Garavani. But, as the name implies, the book is about so much more than the recipes, which are fairly simple  - spaghetti with tomato sauce, for example.

The sophistication comes from the tips on how to decorate your table. Valentino, or the Emperor, as he is often called, believes in adding a bit of everything to your table, from Moretti crystals to Porcelaine de Paris. 

The designer's passion for decorating, specifically table setting , began with a simple salt shaker. He fell in love with one that looked like a throne. While recognizing that it is a peculiar art – and a laborious one at that - Valentino says that he's addicted to it. After all, he is a fan of all that is beautiful, and nothing could be more beautiful than a well set table.