Now who isn’t just a little bit intrigued by the enigmatic legend of Vampires?

They may only exist in books, films… our imaginary. This we’re much too old to even question. Still, I do believe that many of us nurture a small hope. An intimate desire that these incredibly seductive creatures may, indeed, be walking amongst us.

Regardless, the fact is that for some time now a remarkable number of collections has been influenced by these magnificent monsters. And a rather dark, somber vibe has been spreading through the fashion universe, giving both trends and campaigns an air of pure fetich.

There’s nothing I love more than to play with several different styles. So why not allow myself something a little more… Vamp?!

Time to take a walk on the wild side. 

I was wearing:

Earrings: Vintage | Cape: Alexander McQueen | Blouse: Vintage YSL | Shorts: TopShop  | Bag: Vintage Versace | Shades: Prada | Heels: Dior Photography: Steve Nyman