Given that fashion trends come and go fairly quickly, it's been a while since animal prints have featured in the collections of the most famous designers.

Actually, the trend started many, many years ago, when kings and nobles wore a lot of animal skins, as they considered them symbols of wealth and social status. 

But it was in the 60s when wildlife became the inspiration for many a stylish woman, particularly in the United States, and the ‘animal print’ trend truly took off.

One of my fashion muses - Stella McCartney, whose garments and patterns are to die for – is extremely environmentally conscious. All of her fabrics are synthetic: even the leather used in her bags is imitation. So, too, are these shorts made by the talented designer and daughter of Paul. 

I have paired the shorts with sandals and a vintage bag (in the same python print). I selected this pink shirt with gorgeous Indian embroidery, which I’ve had for years, to break up the colors - and voilá! 

It’s a cool, youthful and fun look! Perfect for a summer’s day anywhere in the world. 

Do you like it?

Photos by Sylwia Szyplik 

I wore: 

Top: TopShop | Shorts: Stella McCartney | Shirt: 3J Workshop | Sandals: TopShop | Purse: Fendi

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