When I first saw this “OH, SO CUTE!” outfit, I can tell you I was not having a very good day. I’d been traveling the whole day and managed to miss not one, but TWO flights!! 

I had been from one airport to another, one city to the other... Like I said, not a good day at all! So I was in one of these many airports, walking from one end to another, rushing so I wouldn’t miss yet another flight when I saw a girl wearing this. I thought to myself, "Wow, What a gorgeous little outfit! I wonder where she got it!"

So when I came back to London a few days later, I decided to check out my old friend Zara... And much to my surprise - or not - there it was!! So here you can see me wearing the outfit that was destined to be mine! As they say, everything happens for a reason...

Photos by: Sylwia Szyplik

 I was wearing:

Set: ZARABracelet & Neckless: Vintage | Bag: Vintage Gucci | Sandals: Celine