This photo session was taken during my last trip to Rio! I was just there for two days and I took advantage of the visit to pop into the most famous pastry shop in the city, the Confeitaria Colombo!

Beautiful and filled with history, Colombo was once the go-to place for many famous artists during the Golden Age of the Marvelous City! Till this day, it remains a delicious spot to visit when in Rio.

Now let's talk about the clothes! Despite being super practical and fashionable (since the 50s when James Dean turned the garment into a symbol of youth and freedom), I never used to be much of a fan of jeans. However, one pair managed to win my heart. These jeans I'm wearing have been in my top 10 for months. It's worth mentioning that this list doesn't just include jeans, but also my entire wardrobe!

Jeans are chic and comfortable, they come in great textures and colors, and they go well with anything and everything!

Here you can take a look at my favorite pair of jeans in one of my favorite combinations. Do you like the look?

Shot by: Beto Gatti


I was wearing:

Earrings: Camila KleinTop: NICHOLAS | Denim: O’2ndBag: ParfoisShoes: Prada