Here I am at one of the most beautiful locations in Rio de Janeiro - Praia de Botafogo/Botafogo Beach.

It’s the perfect location for this outfit, and, as you can see, I had a blast posing for these photos and video in this truly gorgeous playsuit from Isolda - a Brazilian brand launched in the UK in 2012 and popular ever since.  Thanks to its handmade prints and spectacular fabrics, Isolda was an instant hit with the boho chic crowds in England and Brazil.

Whether you’d never previously heard of the brand or, like me, you’ve long been a fan, check out this piece from their winter 2014 collection.  It’s still available, so if you love it, hurry!

Shot by: Beto Gatti

I was wearing:

Playsuit: Isolda | Sandals: Gucci | Earrings: Parfois