After a few weeks on the road, between Miami, LA and Cannes, it was great to go back home to London.

I stayed there for only five days and, since I had missed it so much, decided to take these photos on my favorite wall just outside my house. You’ll have seen this brick wall before!

This look is all based around this amazing skirt by Givenchy. Isn’t it beautiful? I first saw it at the last Paris Fashion Week and could not resist it...

It's funny buying a piece you love because it often spends weeks in your closet, just waiting for the perfect occasion to wear it, don’t you find?

That explains why I have taken so long to show it off here.

The finishing touches of this skirt are perfect and the floral design is extremely stylish, especially since it is all white. It's amazing how Riccardo Tisci manages to mix super popular themes such as white and florals, and still create something fresh and special.

I must admit I sometimes get a bit tired of florals being "trendy". I would like to see something a little bolder for the next Spring / Summer collection.

Still, there's something special about this skirt. It is classic, timeless and will be a major player from my wardrobe for a long time.

I was wearing:

Top: Topshop | Necklace: Parfois | Skirt: Givenchy | Sandals: PRADA

Photographer: Roberto Aguilar