Do you remember how last week we talked about the return of the fringe trend? 

Seen on clothes as well as accessories, the fringe has made quite the comeback!

If we go way back in search of the first mention of fringes as an adornment on clothing for men and women, it appears it all kicked off in Mesopotamia, 3000 BC! 

But, since we don’t really want to talk about ancient history, let’s fastforward to the 60s, when fringes won the hearts of the young revolutionaries and hippies of Woodstock and Hollywood alike. Since then, they have come and gone. 

I like this "new" old fashioned trend, and I think it has been reinterpreted beautifully. Karl Lagerfeld snapped the beautiful actress Kristen Stewart for the Paris-Dallas campaign with an all-American western feel, inspired by Texas, and fringe details could be seen, marking their territory and demonstrating their new popularity.

Here, especially for you, is one my looks that follows this trend, in vídeo! Hope you enjoy it! 

Vest: ParkLaue | Shirt: All Saints | Shorts: Mauro Grifoni | HangbagVersace Vintage SandalsTopshop | Earrings: Parfois


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