So I guess going to L.A and not popping into Beverly Hills would be a bit disappointing. 

Those endless palm trees just make us feel like every little dream could came true…

After two whole weeks in Los Angeles I came to the conclusion that there is definitely something about this town!!

So how could I resist such an amazing backdrop for a photo shoot…? I love white. I think it is such an elegant colour. Regardless of whether or not it’s on trend, you can’t go wrong with such a basic yet classic colour.

An all-white look can be quite tricky, but if you manage to pull it off, the results can be really beautiful!

So here I am, once again wearing my new all-time favourite shoes on a little stroll around Beverly Hills.

By the way, this is the dress I was talking about on the Must have post the other day.

D’you like it? Let me know what you think!!

Shot by Nils Vogth- Eriksin

I was wearing:

Sunglasses : Parfois | Dress : Alice + Olivia | Shoes: Celine | Clutch : Issey Miyake