Here I am. My first time in Venice Beach! 

This is the place where they filmed one of my favorite childhood movies: Romeo + Juliet, by Baz Luhrmann. The place is fantastic, truly worthy of its status as a Hollywood setting. 

And just as life imitates art, fashion does so as well - fashion has always sought inspiration in art. Better yet: some people, myself included, consider fashion to be a kind of art, and its creators, artists. 

For example, I am completely in love with the French brand Céline. Phoebe Philo delights me with every new collection. I never cease to be amazed by the brand's garments and accessories. The Summer 2014 collection was inspired by the work of artists such as Brassaï, a multi-talented photographer who was interested in the art of graffiti in the 30s. 

What do I think? Ahh, I'm clearly a big fan ... And you? What do you think of my head-to-toe Céline look in Venice Beach?