Those of you who live in London or know the city well will know that the west side is the wild one!

So, for this shoot, I decided to create a character, and the result is me doing things I rarely do such as smoking and drinking coke…

In life, I always say I don’t have a specific look, I just go with the flow.

Sometimes you wake up feeling like wearing something edgy, and sometimes it’s something more classic… it depends!

This is a very funky skirt I got at Helmut Lang, and those of you who regularly check out my look will know I am a huge fan!

So why not take a walk with me?

I was wearing:

Top: Vintage Gianfranco Ferre | Skirt: Helmut Lang | Shoes: Vintage Prada | Shades: The Row

Photographer: Sylwia Szyplik