- Costume National - 
In this edition of the Italian fashion week I had the opportunity to get to know
better this Italian top brand. 

Costume National is an Italian brand not as well known as others of its country. It's more stripped-down, bold and modern than most. 

A Brand, which in my student years living in Monte Napoleone, many Italian friends told me I should know because I would love. At that time, with Prada, Lanvin and Céline around my corner, I never gave too much attention. Everything changed this week in Milano and, I can say that I fell in love, and it was love at first sight. 

Costume National, will you marry me?

- Fendi - 
What about a brand that has Karl as designer? 

Privilege for Fendi, who showed us today it's famous fur coats, and Cara Delevigne opening the show holding a doll of Karl also in fur, with that typical facial expression of hers. 
Another fun element in the show was the drone, those little robots that looked like a child's toy controlled by remote, which filmed the entire show in real time and went flying over our heads. 

Le défilé was gorgeous, the soundtrack was amazing and ambiance very cool ... But I'm not in favour of using Fur. Once in a while I can be seen wearing it, but vintages always, as I do not buy it and all I have is from my grandmama.