I had the unique privilege to watch closely the spectacle that was the winter 2015 Dolce & Gabanna's show.

The enchantment began with the invitation, a huge envelope with the guest's name spelled out in large letters and literally sealed with one of those medieval wax seals that were used back in Shakespeare years ... Once upon a time in Sicily! 

And there I was gladly being taken and seduced by a world of fairy tales , with a strong medieval touch, in a great exotic garden full of glitter, embroidery and what could not miss; the old Italian glamour which the pair of veterans knows how to rock like no other!

They made me and I guarantee most of the women watching the show , get in touch with our immaculate side, in a very delicate and sophisticated way , dreaming once again of being one of those fairy tales characters; a princess , a warrior , a lady!

It was one of the most exciting presentations that I attended throughout the fashion week of this winter edition in Milan .