Valentine's Day in Brazil is almost here, and despite the fact that it coincides with the opening of the World Cup, you can’t let this day pass by.

So, here’s a list of gift suggestions to distract your boyfriend from the world of soccer.

- Brazil Soccer Jersey

Because everyone’s going to need one.

- Zerezes Sunglasses

Made from scraps of wood – found and reclaimed - without sacrificing design or quality, Zerezes sunglasses are the perfect gift for boyfriends with an environmental conscience.

- Lev Electric Bike

Considering the congestion on today’s streets, an electric bike could get your boyfriend out of a lot of traffic jams and save him some valuable time. Plus, he will never have an excuse for being late!

- Dolce & Gabbana T-Shirt

It’s always good to keep that wardrobe up to date.

- Fabiana D'Angelo's brigadeiros

For Valentine's chocoholics, Fabiana D' Angelo has prepared baskets with a great selection of sweets and champagne. The perfect gift from the best confectioner in Rio.

- Inkkas Shoes

The super- cool New York brand of ethnic inspired tennis shoes has landed in Brazil just in time for your boy to enjoy them.

- World's Cup Ball

This could be the ideal gift to get your boyfriend off the couch.

- ''The World's First History''

Books are always a great gift. This one is about a cop in Rio de Janeiro in 1567 and the story revolves around a murdered man. Perfect for anyone who enjoys this genre and likes a good read.

- Nespresso Machine

For coffee lovers, a Nespresso machine makes a good gift.