After São Paulo, it’s time for my beloved  Rio de Janeiro to host all of the national fashion antennas, and a few international ones as well.  

Paulo Borges, the fashion weeks’ organizer in both Rio and SP has already announced that it will be the last year usign the format we are familiar with. Starting next year, Rio will host only one annual fashion week, focusing on summer. Some celebrated, others not so much - controversies aside, I leave here the must-see runway shows of the Cidade Maravilhosa.


18:30 - Patricia Viera

After participating and applauding Pat Pat's runway show, her daughter’s brand, Andrea Viera-Batista in São Paulo, Patricia Viera comes back to her home town to take care of her own runway. Patricia always surprises with her unusual leather works. For this season, we couldn’t expect anything different. 




18:00 - Triya

The São Paulo based brand shakes up Fashion Rio. Daring bikinis and swimsuits for women who do not want to stand out at the beach. Last season, Renata Kuerten drew sighs of 100% of the spectators with her kick-ass  abs.


20:30 - Lenny Niemeyer

Wrapping up Fashion Rio, Lenny Niemeyer, the queen of the beach fashion whose runway is always filled with top models – this time insisting on honoring the designer. The casting still wasn’t confirmed, but it’s worth keeping your eyes open. Get ready to see what’ll be used and abused on Trancoso and Tulum’s beaches.