A woman’s handbag is a universe in itself - from lip balm to iPad, you can find pretty much everything in there. Bags are a fundamental part of our lives and our style. Some women like big bags that can hold everything, others prefer slightly smaller versions, limiting the contents to essentials.

I myself really like bags with longer handles which can hang from the shoulder and mid-sized ones for carrying all my essentials. The red Céline Box  is a passion of mine: its stiff structure allows me to store many things inside without running the risk of getting anything creased.


But when I’m travelling, I need a bigger purse. After all, the quantity of things to be carried almost doubles. I have my eye on this Moschino (also red - you’ve probably noticed how much I like that color, right?) – for my next trip. With two handles, one short, and the other one long, it’s easier to carry that extra weight.

For going out at night, I am obsessed with a different handbag, which adds a little something special to your look. The moment I set eyes on this YSL, I fell in love. The transparent material reminds me of Pierre Hardy’s futurism, which I love. No one is taking this baby off my shoulder!

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