We are always a bit suspicious when talking about our idols. But I think this distrust is not needed when talking about someone like this artist, who expresses such immense originality and individuality with his creations, and whose work of art we have the wonderful privilege of wearing.

Like most artists, Nicolas knew what made is heart beat faster early on, and so he began his career as a teenager, at 14, doing an internship at the studio of the French designer Agnès B, and, at 19, he was made the assistant of Jean-Paul Gaultier .

But it wasn’t until 1997 that the young Nicolas finally received well-deserved recognition when he was named as the head designer of the prestigious French fashion house Balenciaga. It was a challenge to be the head of one of the most important brands of fashion history. As Christian Dior once said, "Cristobal Balenciaga is the master of us all". You can imagine the pressure of maintaining the high level of geniality, can’t you?

However, for the high spirited, the greater the challenge, the more phenomenal the victory, and nothing can be more phenomenal than his creations for Balenciaga during the 15 years in which he led the brand. Now we can admire his prowess at another big French fashion house, Louis Vuitton, which Nicolas debuted in the last edition of Paris Fashion Week. The collection was greatly praised and very well received by fashion critics as well as international press. 

We were in the audience and now are eagerly awaiting for the pieces to arrive in stores!