Stella McCartney and Angelina Jolie got together to develop a special collection for children's clothes  inspired by the movie Maleficent, in which Jolie plays the main character, and Dakota Fanning is Princess Aurora. 

The collection includes 8 outfits, for boys and girls between 4 and 14 years - from shirts to shoes, princess dresses and sandals in bright purple. 

Miss Jolie, who has 6 of her own mouths to feed at home, must have been also inspired by this in order to develop these creations. And her daughter Vivienne plays Princess Aurora as a child in the film, since it was the only possible baby actress who wasn't scared to see Angelina dressed as macabre witch. 

The line comes to Disney and Stella McCartney stores in late April, before the film's release, which will be only the 30th of May. 

Something created by such powerful minds as Angelia and Stella, can only be very cool, right?