I've already talked about the trend of having mobile stores on four wheels. Well, I’ve found one more - but what struck me most about ‘The Lost Girls in Chicago’ is that the store is entirely vintage, even their truck (an orange trailer from 1976 that has been completely transformed into a shop)! 

Inside the trailer you’ll find more surprises. The two creators, Sarah and Kyla, have been collecting pieces since their graduation in 2011. The clothes are amazing; the boots and handbags even more so. Many items have a touch of ‘The Old West’ to them and have been made with a craftsmanship that is hard to find nowadays.

As if that’s not enough, Lost Girls usually park in front of a restaurant called Antique Tacos, one of the coolest eateries in town. So, after your shopping, you can celebrate by eating tacos and toasting with margaritas! Not bad!