As I have already shared with you, I have recently spent time on the American West Coast, in the City of Angels! Los Angeles is becoming more and more of a meeting point for creatives, many of whom have a strong interest in sustainability. One can find many cool products there, that also have great green credentials! 

The brand Dosa is owned by Christina Kim and is one of the pioneers of the the creative and sustainable movement in the city. Besides being manufactured locally or in India using local artisans, many of the garments produced by Dosa are made from organic materials. Leftover fabrics and other materials are often recycled and transformed into patchwork, or even detailing, for new clothing and accessories. 

As well as their concern for sustainability, everything relating to Dosa, including their premises, is a work of art. The showroom in downtown Los Angeles occupies an entire floor of an old building and is often used for theatrical or musical performances or even art exhibitions. A true oasis: stylish and green!