Institute of Defense and Preservation of the Fauna of the Felines in Brazil on the Process of extinction.

Talk about starting the Nex means having strong emotional memories . What I mean is that it was totally heart followed by some mere glimpses of reason .

When I looked at the first wild cat, face to face , I realized how unaware i was of that universe so amazingly beautiful ! From there , I started the most beautiful leasson my life . Of course every great beauty , has its great shadow . The first wild cat I met was Pacato. A puma 4 years old , housed provisionally in a sector of a zoo in 2000 .

I had never heard about problematic animals, nor could imagine that individuals of various species are inadequately housed in extra sectors of zoos and Screening Centers of IBAMA , across Brazil . Inappropriately , because each site has its limit of space and time , to receive animals ” left over ” for not beeing able to survive alone in the wild.

Their mothers are hunted , killed and orphans , kept in cages very small. Speaking specifically about wild cat puppies they grow fast and the cages, do not grow. Pacato was in this type of cage for about 4 years, which average size is 2m by 1m. Without running loose, without interacting with others of its kind, vegetating indeed. When my brain realized about how that animal was living at that time , was born Nex and nor I was aware of that. Just thought I’d give a good life to Pacato since I had a farm…

Today, Nex houses 24 wild cats and 6 smaller felines . My focus is to get the animals that are in the worst conditions , the more inadequate shelters, so when it reaches Nex it imagine its Paradise. And believe me, I have 30 cats in these conditions , each with its history, its behavioral sequelae of suffering, making them true ambassadors of the cause itself .

The puma Xuxo was created as dog and showering in shampoo ; ferinha , jaguar , lost her mother in a fire in Para, same state where Xingu , jaguar melanin ( black ) lived imprisoned for years ; Brutus , jaguar , also orphan had not died , only because it was given to a family and fed on the milk of a woman who had had a baby . By dietary deficiencies , is almost blind , which does not make it less of a powerful animal , but turns into a problematic feline , condemned to live in captivity for the rest of its natural life. Amazingly :  is the jaguar most cheerful of Nex . Plays alone all day , runs in the room , as if an angel was there , playing with him .

Hawk , another jaguar came to NEX afraid of people . Former owner imposed the fist on it and the animal lowered his head. Must have been through a lot to be dominated like that . Because it had had mangled claws and the fact that he lived eleven years tethered by a steel cable around his neck , has no hair in the neck region . Hawk captive children who visit us with its sweet way – is our Scoobydo .

The last leopard I have just received , Cabocla still has four months of age and carries a very sad story : cames from the “Cumunidade Tapiíra” in Rio Unini of Resex Unini in Barcelos -AM .Her mother was killed by locals, as they say, “it was too near the brushed ” . A local from across the river saw the puppy , picked it up and took it to servers ICMBio , who led the animal to the IBAMA .

Now , let’s hear the story side of the mother leopard. She was not close to the scuffed assaulting men . She was hungry and in any garden there are easy prey , they will feed. In order not to leave the cub, was lurking for a easier hunt. So much ignorance ! And how much impunity.

I also penetrated the terrible underworld of illegal hunting and all sorts of atrocities committed by hunters. My stomach turned at various times , the fury of such cruelty that involves killing this animals. Perhaps this has given me sharp claws necessary to carried out in defense of the majesties of the forest and the forest itself , our true source of life . The defense of cats turned me into warrior ! I stepped out of my comfort zone.

Before, I was just a good person but in the love for them, I found that kindness means little without attitude . “Solomon” example of wisdom, said : – ” Being good is easy , it’s difficult to be fair .” The outrage made e leave the comfort aside, and struggle to deploy a little more justice with my actions and at least around me.

Every wild cat that came to Nex , took us to a path of growth. Every time we think we know something, a feline teaches us otherwise. I can not scale the size of the work of Nex . If I try to, I always think we do very little about the critical situation in which all cat species are , mainly jaguars. The treasure of biodiversity of our country is abandoned, adrift.

Jaguars, if not victims of trafficking , are persecuted by gangs of dogs ( hunters and dogs ) , cornered up in the trees , tortured , murdered and mutilated . This is the everyday of a wild cat . Will they win the struggle against the insatiable greed of men for land ?  Will they be able to hunt for food to feed their offspring ?  Will they have a future? From what I know and see , we are all left with this question…


By Cristina Gianni


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