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It is with great pleasure that I bring you the lovely work of the “Agencia Do Bem” Among numerous projects, they do this wonderful work with children from humble communities of Rio de Janeiro. The main idea, as the social consultant Alan Maia, one of the major responsible for the project, explained to me, is not so much the training of musicians but to promote citizenship. Form better citizens with a better future.

It is proven that music so as sport, especially at crucial stages of young life, can change destinies! I say this because music has the power to engage teens and make them focus on something productive, instead of going on a wrong road, often of no return, where many of these children end for lack of choice or perspective.

I was delighted with their work and have learned that I am far from the only one. They already been in Paris and received an invitation to go to Germany next year!   

Below is a text to further explain the project and a link to anyone who desire to help this amazing work or to get more information. Also follow the pictures of the beautiful moments I had the honor to live there.

Special thanks to my dearest friend Valeria Giannini who took me.

“The School of Music and Citizenship aims, in 2014, to maintain 3 and launch another 2 centers of musical education (with particular focus on orchestra instruments) for over 300 children and youths residing in low-income communities from Rio de Janeiro. Students will be able to attend weekly classes of musical theory and ear training, practice (violin, viola, cello, bass, flute, transverse flute, clarinet, trombone, trumpet, saxophone and choir singing) and citizenship. 

Our project could be referred to as a window of opportunity or rather the reaffirmation of life, of the talent and the amazing ability that these children have to create and express themselves. Some of them, unfortunately, marked by violence and social exclusion. 

Music helps stimulate cognitive and psychomotor development, as well as speech, a child’s inherent sensitivity and their ability to perform well in team work. It also has a tremendous ethical impact by promoting tolerance in a highly eclectic environment.

As a result, this project aims to form a whole new generation of musicians and citizens, capable of using music as agent of social and cultural change; impacting their communities sense of identity, the wealth of knowledge and professional practice of future students and locals. Artistically, our goal is to create a full orchestra with the best students of our school, who will perform not only for the community but also for larger audiences in concert halls. 

First established three years ago, The New Symphony Orchestra is composed by 40 members – the school’s top students only – and disposes of an array of instrumentalists and choristers. The group has access to weekly rehearsals, repertoire review and intensive studies. It has, so far, had the opportunity to perform in some of the city’s most important venues, such as the Municipal Theater, Fundição Progresso, the Sheraton and Windsor hotels, “Xuxa” TV show and even at the Olympia Hall in Paris.

Being a part of the New Symphony Orchestra is the main goal of our students, who see this as a first and crucial step for all of those dreaming of a musical career.  

“Agência do Bem” is a one of a kind educational project in Brazil, certified as Social Technology.In 2014 , the institution plans to open its first school in Sao Paulo and start an international art exchange program in Germany, at the invitation of the country’s Cultural Center. “

For more information, please visit our website:

Alan Maia