While in Brazil, we are melting in the heat, in Europe and the U.S., the winter came on cold as ever.

Under these adverse conditions, we need to take even more care of our skin, which can become very dry. Here are some tips for women who are both in the southern hemisphere, as well as in the northern.

- Winter -
Face oils, mainly organic, made rom jojoba, olive oil, roses and calendula moisturize the skin and create a protective layer so you won't lose water throughout the day .
Exfoliate once a week. It helps eliminate dead skin cells and stimulates collagen production, always keeping the skin young .

- Summer -

There should always be sunscreen in your bag. It's super important to apply it every day, more than once a day and even in the winter, to avoid discoloration, premature aging and even skin cancer.

Always moisturize. Opt for face non-oily moisturizers with vitamin C. Apply in soft, circular motions.

Don't forget, of course, to drink plenty of water and maintain a balanced diet.