Did you know that numerous cosmetic brands use toxins that have been linked to cancer and hormonal problems? What’s more, some of the products used haven’t even been tested, so we can’t predict their longterm effects. This is even more common in the USA, where many ingredients already banned in Europe continue to be used in products that we apply to our skin, hair and eyes. With a long list of ingredients on the label, we cannot even begin to distinguish between what is and isn’t safe.

Beauty Counter was created with this in mind. In addition to providing information about which products are harmful, the brand has created its own trustworthy line of cosmetics.

You can find numerous tips here for your detoxification - from superfoods to DIY products. This is an important step. It's not enough to eat healthily: we must also distance ourselves from products that might appear harmless but could be detrimental to our health in hidden ways.  I recommend visiting the site so that you can make more informed choices.