The harsh reality is that, even when fleeing from the sun and maintaining our diets impeccable, our skin succumbs to the signs of aging. We are lucky, however, that we can count on some magic to slow down the dreaded process. Be them creams or masks, composed f cucumber or algae, the list below promises to do the trick:

Philosophy's Miracle Worker Overnight - Inhibits the production of proteins with its aging formula that includes seaweed extract and vitamin C 

Givenchy Hydra Sparkling Night Recovery Moisturizing Mask & Cream - Apply a thin layer of gel at night and the product will serve as a traditional night cream. Apply a thick layer and sleep - and you'll have a mask that maximizes the benefits!

Lumene Time Freeze Firming Night Cream - Composed by antioxidants, the product promises to stop time. Besides the benefits of a firmer and youthful skin, the cream - which can be found at local pharmacies - does not hurt your bank account either.