Maintaining healthy and shiny blond locks is a handful – as even us brunettes know. But no blonde should have to spend hours in a salon and all of their savings in the attempt! Some completely natural products are just as effective as the chemically infused ones, whilst also being easier on your pocket. 

Honey, when mixed with water, avocados or even a hair mask, can help to brighten your locks and add shine.

Chamomile tea is an allied of all blondes. To get the best use out of it, place two packets in one cup of water and let it infuse through your strands before going into the sun, applying it with a spray bottle. Your hair will become lighter and that's a fact! 

And, as incredible as it seems, beer is also great for broken strands, thanks to its vitamin B and proteins. Bathing your hair in the alcoholic drink guarantees a dose of extra brightness . Just remember to use a hair mask after rinsing off the beer in order to prevent that your stands become sticky and filled with the smell of beer.