Being a woman is hard work. Leaving home flawless requires a lot of care, so it is always good to have some products to hand in case of emergencies. That’s why I have two secret items that are always with me, in London or on any trip.

The first one I can’t live without is Next Tape Protective Care. When your feet are suffering in kiler shoes that were too beautiful to resist, this product is better than a band-aid. It sticks well and comes in a roll - you just cut it to the size you need and stick it on your heel or on top of your feet.

Another problem I needed to solve was expanding ear lobe holes – an unfortunate side effect when you wear large earings. This problem can be solved with the Lobe Wonder – a hypoallergenic adhesive you stick behind the ear which closes your ear lobe holes and helps to hold those huge earrings in place. Each patch lasts for up to 5 days, and they can be bought very cheaply through Amazon.