Exercise and a balanced nutrition go hand in hand in the quest for a healthier body. Move your body - at least enough to sweat - and think about your food, I guarantee that the results will leave you with a smile on your face. To start, two tips to encourage the lazy ones to leave their bed are:

>> MIO Skin Care

A line of skincare products designed for those who do physical exercises. Among the huge portfolio of Mio products, there's a gel to tone muscles, a serum to ensure the firmness of the skin and a cream to reduce cellulite.

>> Fitness Freak 

For those who, like me, live in a city so full of activities that you end up getting confused with what to choose from, the Fitness Freak site came to help. This is a search system and schedule of exercise classes. You simply enter your postcode, which in a few seconds, gives you all the options of gyms and classes near you. Just schedule a class and put on your workout shoes.

>> Para Mudar a Alimentação

The award-winning documentary ‘Food Matters' shows the horrible things we unknowingly eat and the wrong ways in which we treat our illnesses. When you watch it, you'll change your lifestyle immediately.