Who wouldn’t want to be like Sleeping Beauty? Sleep one thousand years and wake up as beautiful as ever. Now imagine sleeping 12 hours on a plane and waking up without scaring off the flight attendant?

Seems like mission impossible, but there are some tricks that I’ve adopted that help me maintain a fresh face.


This is the most important advice, though it may be necessary to accept some Wine Service aboard. Another valuable item for your beauty sleep is a sleep mask. I do not travel without one.



Your skin becomes very dry on the plane, so be sure to take a moisturizer for the face and another one for the lips.


A relaxing playlist really helps to catch up on sleep and keeps you from hearing those horrible noises on the plane (mainly turbulence).


A little make up never hurt anyone. Apply mascara and bit of blush before landing. You’re guaranteed to sport a fresh face and be ready for your next adventure.