Whether you are in the cold - like me - and trying to look slim under all those layers, or lucky enough to be in the sun, a flat stomach is key. 

One of the best tips for a flat stomach is to combat swelling, which happens when you eat too much, when you're dehydrated or when you have those crazy hormonal fluctuations- known only to women!

What you might not know is that certain foods can help flatten your stomach. The following items are your allies for combating bloating in the most delicious and painless way. Eat up!

1. Banana

Sodium is the worst thing to eat if you are bloated. Sodium retains water, which in turn causes swelling. Potassium-rich bananas can help reduce the effects that sodium has on our body. 


2. Papaya

Contains an enzyme called papain, which aids digestion.

3. Asparagus

Eat some the night before going to the beach. The asparagus helps to eliminate toxins from your body and improves kidney function.