I often give tips on homemade beauty products, because I believe that they are one of the best ways to avoid toxins and artificial ingredients. However, there are numerous products on the market that address this concern and are worth talking about  - especially because most of us don’t have the time or resources to make everything we use, right? 

Today I have two recommendations, but if you want more, come back next week! I will be listing more of the green brands and products that I have come across.

For the skin: Dr. Hauschka

The history of this brand will help you to understand the product: Elizabeth Sigmund was a beautician who immediately recognized the power of traditional herbs to rejuvenate the skin. She collaborated with Dr. Hauschka (a medical doctor who studied the botanical world) and together they created a line of holistic products. The brand is now nearly 50 years old – which shows that the products have truly been tried and tested. 


For the hair: Rahua

Created by the hairdresser and colorist Fabian Lliquin, the Rahua hair products are entirely based on a powerful oil from the Amazon rainforest, which bears the same name as the brand. In addition to repairing damaged hair, the products give life to colored hair and can also calm scalp-based allergies. The complete package!