As well as representing femininity, the scent of roses can open up the heart 

chakra, allowing for a more fluid day. Perhaps this is why roses have become a 

popular ingredient in many beauty products. Today, I shall draw your attention 

to three of my favourites:

1. Rose Facial Serum

This facial oil is super moisturizing. It contains carrot seeds and geranium, as 

well as rose oil, and leaves you with beautiful, sweet-smelling skin.

2.  Organic Bulgarian White Rose Water

If you like thermal water, this product is a must-have. It is made from organic roses, grown on a farm in the Bulgarian Rose Valley. In other words, it is both fragrant and sustainable.

3. Chandra Pushpa Perfume Oil 


We could not leave this fragrance out! The name means moon flower and is made with roses, jasmine and citrus flowers. The smell is super sweet and highly intoxicating. According to the creator of the product, the combination of oils stimulates the nervous system, making us more alert.