A few years ago, Bianca Jagger co-hosted a dinner at one of Rio's most active art collector's home to raise funds for an upcoming project by Mariko Mori. Thankfully, the Japanese artist's installation has come to realization in time for the Olympics.

It all began when Mariko has a dream she was attending an ancient ceremony at the foot of a waterfall. During the performance she looked up and saw a glowing golden ring magically appear above the top of the falls. It became her goal to reproduce this image - and that is how "Ring: One with Nature" came to fruition.

The installation features a translucent ring permanently mounted at the 58-meter-high Véu da Noiva (Veil of the Bride) waterfall located at the Cunhambebe State Park in Mangaratiba, a coastal city within the state of Rio de Janeiro. Sponsored by the Celebra Cultural Program of the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games, the installation has metaphorically added another ring to the five rings of the Olympics.
According to the artist, "The five rings of the Olympic icon symbolize the unity of all nations and ethnicities; it symbolizes peace. I thought that this was an appropriate time to create a new ring, one that would symbolize our connection to nature. It was a perfect moment of oneness."

Thankfully, the installation is permanent so I will have time to go check out Maniko's first work in South America!


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