Earlier today, Rihanna released her new music video for “Sledgehammer,” which will be the soundtrack for the soon-to-be-on-the-screens film Star Trek Beyond. As we can expect from the star, the video is beautiful, showing Rihanna as an ET goddess (Rick Owens dressed her for the video - who else?). Created and filmed byFloria Sigismondi - who has done videos for the likes of Bowie, Timberlake and Katy Perry, the video was shot on IMAX and is sheduled to play in theaters in the US starting now and together with the release of Star Trek.

The inspiration behind the video? Floria says it came from the film itself and its intergalactic elements. According to the director, the song is really about overcoming barriers, so she created a powerful character that is more like a goddess, and can control the nature around her, as well as the stars. She is able to "transform the
universe". And isn't that about Star Trek is all about?