A few years back, I had the opportunity to check out the most lovely
exhibition of William Egglestone's work at the Moreira Salles
Institute in Rio. I simply fell in love with the photographer's
composition and amazing color. His blues, his reds, his unique passion
for middle America and its distinct culture...I'll never forget how
much I was touched by what I saw.

Now, I am happy to say that us Londoners can have our own bit of
Egglestone, right at the National Portrait Gallery. The exhibition
will bring to light several of his portraits, which also carry with
them the enigma and Technicolor hues that have made the man so known
for his photographs. “I take a picture very quickly and instantly
forget about it,” he once stated. Maybe this unpretentious creative
process is what makes Egglestone Egglestone - and we just get to sit
back and absorb all the beauty he put into the world. Thankfully, we
have through October 23rd to check out this opportunity!