Every year, thousands of people from Brazil and the rest of the world gather at Paraty, a colonial, small coastal town about 3 hours from Rio, for Flip - the Internation Literature Celebration of Paraty. It is a wonderful place to get updated with the literary world and learn about up-and-coming authors.

This year, Valeria Luiselli is in the author spotlight. She is Mexican and is coming to Brazil to launch The Story of My Teeth over there, her most recent novel that has already been translated in 20 languages. It tells the story of the auctioneer Gustavo Sánchez
Sánchez, who is trying to switch his teeth. A spiritual romance, it speaks of our relationship with objects and the stories that they carry with them, and has been praised by the NY Times and the Guardian.

Even before publishing this recent body of work, Valeria, who is only 33-years old, had already gained a lot of attention for her essays for the New Yorker and Granta (a world-famous literary magazine), winning one of the most important prizes in literature - the Man Booker Prize - for authors under 35. She is often compared to Gabriel García
Márquez and Jorge Luis Borges for her innovation in writing.

Well, there's one more book for your Summer reading list!