Until August 25th, artist Marina Abramovic is playing hostess to her own private audience at the Serpentine Gallery in London. From 10am until 6pm, 160 people will enter one at a time, leaving all personal items - bags, cell phones, jackets and watches – at the door. The idea is that they come in “empty”, explains the artist, who will be in the gallery for the full 512 hours. What happens inside will vary, but Marina will take each person by the hand, perhaps to guide them, perhaps to invite them to dance.. 

The Serbian artist certainly has celebrity credenials, being a friend of Jay-Z and Lady Gaga, and she is known for performances that are totally outside the box. Since the opening of the exhibition last week, the queue outside the door of the Serpentine hasn’t diminished, and has even acquired its own hashtag: #SGqueue. 

Are you in London? Are you a fan of the artist? If so, how long are you prepared to stand in line?