All around the world, I think we are at a perfect time of year for open-air cinema. From the north to the south, this seems to be the activity of the moment.

In Williamsburg, NYC, the Summerscreen will be showing movies already known to the public every Wednesday in July and August. Cult classics like The Big Lebowski, Cry Baby, which I love, with a young Johnny Depp (sigh), and the best of early Noughties nonsense, such as Mean Girls and Spice World, will be shown at McCarren Park. Just bring a chair and some wine.

In Rio de Janeiro, the Vivo Open Air is back, this time at Marina da Glória. In the early evening, they show classics like Clockwork Orange, Grease and The Godfather. After the credits, expect a party: every night there’s a different one to keep everyone dancing. Just book online; it’s super easy!