From the 14th to 25th of May, anyone who’s anyone in the film industry will have their eyes fixed on the south coast of France, home to the famous Cannes festival.

We already know that “Grace of Monaco” was the film chosen for the grand opening, but for us movie-goers, our curiosity certainly doesn’t end there.

''Lost River” marks Ryan Gosling’s directorial debut: a psychedelic and fantasy-
filled film starring Christina Hendricks and Eva Mendes.

Co-produced by France, Brazil and the United States, “El Ardor”, directed by the Argentine Pablo Fendrik, brings together Gael Garcia Bernal and Alice Braga in a plot that involves a spiritual leader in the forests of Argentina .

''Goodbye to Language 3D” is the latest film offering from Jean-Luc Goddard, icon of la nouvelle vague. The festival also features ''The Homesman'', directed by Tommy Lee Jones and starring himself and Hillary Swank .

I wouldn’t miss any of these films, which promise to pack an emotional punch. So what about you? Which are your favourites?