One of the major complaints of the art world is that there are not enough female artists. However, there are certain women who have achieved a place in the sun - and deserve to be further recognition.

One is Louise Bourgeois, a French-American artist and sculptor and one of the most important figures in modern and contemporary art. You may know her most famous work: a giant spider, which was exhibited in various places around the globe.

Her works often express themes of anxiety and loneliness, showing that art is not all flowers. Her work has been instrumental in expanding notions of what art is, and she has also helped to bring greater attention to women within the arts, which has been, and currently remains, dominated by men. 

For those who wish to pay tribute, be sure to check out the newly opened exhibition "Suspension" at the New York gallery Cheim & Read. The works, all of which are suspended, help us to delve into the sometimes dark world of Louise. Do not miss out!